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My name is Carlos and I have WS. I was born with a white patch in the front part of my head and I have hearing loss in my left ear. Feels weird because I always felt so different growing up. Wasn't really bullied, quite the contrary actually. I was envied because of the way I look. But I always wanted to be normal. And then I grew up and noticed that normal is boring lol. I have two kids. One does not have WS. And the second one does. Looks just like me and has the same hair lock as me. But he's got blue eyes. My hope is to meet or at least talk to others who have a similar story. I only met one person with WS. And that was a very interesting person. And it was in another country where we met. Seems like this condition is uncommon since there isn't a whole lot of information on it besides the obvious genetic codes. Hopefully anyone with WS doesn't feel discouraged and actually goes out and gets noticed. There really isn't a lot of us out there. So go out there and share your story!