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I would like to share my today's horoscope and say that's the reason I was directed to this site. Taurus: Get involved with a political or social movement. You're tired of vulnerable people being treated poorly. By joining a voluntary group you can help put an end to an oppressive situation, although these chnages won't happen overnight. 
I do write about my experiences on Social Media. Some of my stories are shared to help others. I am passionate about working with children, young people and vulnerable adults. I am a person with disabilities, mental and physical. I am not currently working. Excepting as carer for my elderly husband. I would jump at the possibility to be able to use my knowledge and expertise in helping others. 


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    Hi @Jevon

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    Hi @Jevon

    Welcome to the community! If you would like to be involved more, we are currently looking for more online volunteers as a Community Champion.

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