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Concerned about PIP home visit

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Hi. My friend who is claiming PIP has been told she’s having a home visit and she’s very concerned by this
You see there was a relative of hers who had a home visit, and on this occasion her relative had a cat who jumped onto her lap, when the home visit ended and a few weeks later her relative was told her PIP was stopped, she asked to see a copy of the home visit report, the report stated that she picked the cat up, something which her relative cannot do. My friend is worried sick that when she gets visited someone will write lies about her too 


  • Sam_Alumni
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    Hi @bobbyjay311058
    I think it is important to not get too scared by other people's experiences.

    Your friend can have someone present with them to be there to support them, they will most likely need an assessment whether it is at home or in a centre.

    We have some information here about preparing for a PIP assessment

    ANd there is a lot of information here about preparing for the PIP assessment from the CAB.

    Unfortunately some people have had negative experiences at a PIP assessment, and if that is the case, then we can offer lots of support in the appeal process.

    But maybe you could encourage your friend to try and think positively, and get really prepared for the assessment.

    Best of luck to them, perhaps you could ask your friend if they would like to join us here on the community where they can speak to other people who have been in a similar situation?
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  • bobbyjay311058
    bobbyjay311058 Member Posts: 2 Listener
    Hi Sam. Thanks for your reply, I’m trying my best to keep my friend positive about the visit, I intend to be there and her Son will hopefully be there too 
    she also has a low self esteem which leads to some mental health issues, stress etc...
  • CockneyRebel
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    Hi bobbyjay

    Home assessents are usually only given when the claimants condition warrants it.
    No special effort should be made, normal daily routines should be carried out. Take any medication as prescribed, The assessment can be carried out in any room of your choosing. If at the time of the visit you are normally in bed then that is ok. The assessor is just like any other visitor, they have no right to inspect your property or look around.
    The assessor will be watching everything from when the door is opened, how your indentification is shown, how you sit/stand/move.
    You are entitled to refuse any physical test if it would cause you undue pain but you must explain why

    Be all you can be, make  every day count. Namaste


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