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New Rules for Hidden Disabilities.

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Good Afternoon,

                        We are encouraged by the latest news on the Blue Badge scheme today, and wonder if this will include people with Epilepsy.?

I have enquired before  for my husband and was turned down. I tried to explain that post seizure he could not walk for several minutes, due to the effects of a seizure; namely; disorientation, partial  temporary paralysis and muscle weakness,  followed by severe lethargy and exhaustion. If my husband is also unwell the effects are dramatic and serious. For example he has just recovered from Norovirus, which struck him very quickly, and within minutes he was on the floor, seizure starting, and unable to see at all, due to his  Focal Epilepsy. I had to guide him to the bathroom, and our car Urgently, to get him home.

He was awarded 10 points for mobility on the PIP, requiring assistance of a person, assistance dog, or aid to get around.