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8 year cutting his clothes at school.

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My 8  year old is in the process of having a sensory profile done due to suspected sensory processing issues. Overall, he's a lovely boy with great communication skills so ASD is not suspected. He is such a friendly boy, but does struggle with expressing his own emotions and this comes out as frustration. He is in the bottom 20% academically and has been receiving small group work lessons, which has helped significantly. However, he is showing signs of anxiety. For instance, he often complains of tummy ache prior to school, or the evening before school. We have had him checked over by a paediatrician. He's had blood tests, stool sample and an ultrasound, physiologically he is well. This leads me to believe he is anxious, which can go hand in hand with sensory issues. 

The reason son for my increased concern is that he has started cutting his clothes at school. I have informed the school and they have said they will supervise scissor use but this doesn't actually address the problem. 

Thank you


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    Hi @ParentingAdvisorVikki, do you have any advice for this?
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    Hiya, What a great questions. 

    Im sorry your son is feeling anxious. 

    There could be a few things that may cause this. Why are the suspecting sensory issues just because of his anxiety? are there any other markers other than cutting his clothes that would suggest sensory processing difficulties? SPD wouldn't explain his academic profile. Could there be something else happening at school? often children will bottle up things. 
    From personal experience, my son finds t-shirts hard to wear because of the stitching on the neck. He has sensory processing difficulties and ASD. 

    What part of his clothes is he cutting?