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The struggle to get an adult diagnosis



  • holtnatalie
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    Hi @Nystagmite

    The 'coping' thing drives me nuts. There was no diagnosis for the things I find difficult when I was younger. I knew I perceived things differently from other people. I learnt some things through trial and error, some awful relationships, and some 'curl up and die' social situations. That doesn't mean those same things aren't still really difficult, and if anything the need for the answers to why I feel the way I do is even more important to me now than ever. I don't think any health professional should be allowed to 'write you off' because in their opinion you are 'coping'. Whether you are a child or an adult, you should still have access to a diagnosis.

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    Best of luck @holtnatalie - it's good to hear from you!

    It is such a shame that the waiting times are so lengthy, is there any support in place whilst you wait?
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