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Rip off Britain

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I think it is so sad when people lead you astray and try and put you on a 'supposed' cheap deal and rip you off.  I think you need to work with the person and look to their best interests and not everyone has lots of money to spend on overpriced utilities.  I hope that you all get your issues ironed out and find the deal right for you.


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    If possible it really pays to do your research before buying anything. Being armed with this prior knowledge, you can easily assess if the 'sales person 'is being genuine with you or trying a fast one for a quick buck.

    One thing I try to do is to avoid as many contract deals as possible and prefer to pay as you go for many things.
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    Hello @keepsmiling68   Pleased to meet you.  Good morning I get so annoyed with this.  Having looked at the information given especially a round utilities, my favourite topic.  You need to ask questions.

    You also need to look at what you are paying for, I asked being cheaper by direct debit some times.  Giving meter reading regularly.  Also switch not happy as I am many times, once only couple months, changed prices changed up to a level I was not comfortable to pay.  May I also say be aware of the contract you are getting in to.  Exit fees are liable, in my case leaving companies.

    I have now gone on line do it all on line .  Applied for smart meter will let every one know the end results.  Also if you do not mind I written extensively on this as many of our members in our community.  See my post Why are Utilities So Complicated.

    What happened to me old company says pay £31 a month, in reality when I left more like with fees plus charges their bill no idea of where they have got any of this.  End up £180 plus debt.

    Then the letters come say do not cancel direct debit.  I did not then more letters came asking, why not paid.   I said you told me not to cancel direct debit, waiting for you. I had to contact company to stop this, had been paid seven days ago, by debit card over phone, still coming now last one, debt agency.  This is what I had to do .  String of Emails and got replies back.  So solved, if you are not happy, switch for better deals.

    Please can I also say you are a consumer not happy with service, price, terms of contract do not sign it complain or go else where.  You have that choice.

    I had a friend who bought household items from one of those stores per week every one knows them.  She has problems and issues around her disability in the sense a learning one not good with money, people  I am a friend so I went in with her, marvellous look at that.  I am a bit more savvy than her.  Looked at the contract paid up like for two years plus, fees, interest more like three times the price of cost.  Would take her five years to pay off the loan .  That is Rip Off Britain for you.

    Said to her let me help, I will extend some money for you to buy what you need.  I am a friend trying to help after all.  Totally ridiculous I am explaining pay me back like them this store money per week.

    Left and she did not contact me again for a while.  In the meantime a leaflet, brochure came through the door, she applied unknown to me.  She contacted me, I was totally unaware of the situation.  Ended up could not pay for item, company demanded rest of loan plus fees.  Took item back.  Understand this we lost touch over this.  Do not know situation now been a number of years since I have seen her.

    I suggest look at all options and do research carefully.  Be aware by way that it is a business you are dealing with.  They want your business, so need to be careful at all times.  Certain organisations Which is a consumer organisation has tips, trials of products, for a sub per year.  Get a magazine tells you the best deals.

    You have the choice to say no.  I had this before Christmas at a store saw a food processor I wished for, saw price that is great, girl rang up different price.

    It says this 10% off all kitchen ware, yes but only our own brands, saw this was a named brand.  But I said it says 10% all kitchen ware but does not say your brands plus.  Called over some manager and said should say precisely what is the discount applies for.  Said no at the till.

    I hope you take care, lovely to meet you.  Hope to speak to you soon.
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    Remember shopping is a to way thing. If you don't like the price walk away. The shop doesn't have to sell the item to you if they don't want to just as you don't have to bur their products. As @spiceman, says do your homework, read any reviews ect, 
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