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Seven month old son has a neurological condition and epilepsy

shu_rosa Member Posts: 1 Listener
Hi all. My seven month old son has a neurological condition which has affected his swallow and his eyes, and he has epilepsy. He has an Ng tube. 

We don't know how his development will be affected but despite him being delayed in certain areas, we're trying to remain optimistic. We never want to stop aiming high for him.

I've been on a journey since his hospitalisation and diagnosis... Lots of feelings of anger, questioning ''why him?", Loss and fear. But I've been having EMDR therapy do deal with the trauma, and feel I've turned a huge corner. For those of you who have read "welcome to Holland" - I've started noticing the flowers and the windmills. 

Its nice to connect with others in similar positions - so hello all. It's lovely to meet you all. 

Shu x


  • jaycee6
    jaycee6 Member Posts: 52 Courageous
    Hi shu .Welcome to the club.Know exactly where you are coming from.Things do get better.My daughter has downs and is 21 now.What bothered me in the early days ,doesn't bother me any more.And yes Holland is just a different path for us ,but at a slower pace , I get more pleasure out of the little things in life.but it is just as enjoyable. My daughter is the apple of my eye ,I love her to bits. I also remember when she was born for some strange reason I thought we would never be able to go on holiday again,It was far from the truth we have lots of holidays since.Wising you all the best on your Holland journey x