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Hello, I’ve signed up because I feel very alone and in aminefield.
im wanting to divorce my husband of 14 yrs but been together 28yrs. He’s an alcoholic and I just can’t take it anymore he’s recently had an emergency operation due to his alcohol consumption and I was required to sit at end of his bed for two nights because he became quite unmanageable and was obsconding from the ward.
when he was discharged he immediately bought drink and started drinking again with his pain medication. I have lived with friends the past two weeks going back home lat Saturday to stay overnight.

i need advise on how I can get a divorce?
if I can get any financial help with the £550 court costs?
and do i have a solicitor to do divorce and financial settlement?
im lost on the internet so many solicitors offering same thing but are there any that deal with a disabled wife ie me?

apprieciate any advise!!!!