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Pip backdating and payment help?

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2 days I got my pip! Yay, I got a back payment from the 21st of December I read that people get a backdate from the day you rang up? I rang up first at the beginning of November (I got a letter from them on the 21st of November asking for my identity) gand the 21st is the 2nd time I rang up where I changed my address. Is it correct that they only paid me from the 2nd phone call? If it isn’t what should I ring up? 

Secondly I got my first payment on 19/02/2018 and it said it would be every 4 weeks in arrears. Would someone help and tell me the next payment date? My mum said 13th of March and someone else said 20th of March. I’ve never had money before so I’m stressed about budgeting. Thanks in advance.


  • JennysDad
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    Hi @millierex and welcome to the community. Good to meet you.
    I'm not a benefits specialist and can't directly answer your question, but wanted to say hello. Others who know more will be along to talk to you in due course, so bear with us.
    Warmest best wishes,
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    Hi @millierex
    The backdating usually goes back to the day you first called I believe?

    You can call them and ask about payment details too :) Good luck!
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