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My autistic boy

I’m new to all this so please bare with me :) 
i have a 3 year old autistic son and everyone I meet they just don’t understand! I need to connect with other mums of autistic children as right now I feel so alone :( it’s so challenging and difficult I just need to hear that I’m not alone. X 


  • dubs
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    You are not alone luvie,not by any means. When it’s all so new it’s very raw,it hurts like hell,very hard not to feel overwhelmed. Unfortunately people can be judgemental,they can’t ‘see’ the condition and how it affects you and your family . Have you had a formal diagnosis yet? After my son was diagnosed at 2 1/2 we were referred to a child development centre where we attended a theraplay group and that did help,meeting with other parents. We were so so fortunate to be able to have got him a place in a new ASD class in our local special needs school,I couldn’t have asked for a better education for him there. I do feel for you so much,it’s a longer road we travel,you are his mum and his ‘voice’,please make sure you look out for yourself as well......take care x
  • grayc
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    Thank you for that. I really needed to hear that. And he was 3 in jan and he is diagnosed as such.. formally I am still waiting for our next appointment with the paediatric in June. But they have said as well as many professionals that he is autistic, I myself think he has Asperger’s syndrome but I am yet to find that out. I thought about meeting other parents myself but thought it could be overwhelming but I do think it is the best thing. Thank you :) x