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Employment Law - Unfair dismissal or sanctions

I live in South Scotland and we have had pretty bad snow over the last few days. As a result I have not been able to get to work safely so have remained off. While it felt like the decision was mine to make and the company supported I am worried though.
I am already above the allowed days off in a 26 week period so I have a meeting about that. I am worried that these extra days off will make it worse and the penalties more worse
Do I have any protection under employment law?'
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    Hi @AmyVW

    Most companies in conditions like this are understanding and unlikely to take action against you because of this, as long as you have followed your company procedures or instructions from your line manager. For example if you are supposed to ring in each day, unless your manager has said okay and told you not to bother calling in each day.

    Regarding the amount of protection you might have could depend on why you have taken this time off and how long you have been with the company. For example if you are still in your probationary period, or still within a period where you have received a final written warning and procedures were followed.

    These things can be very difficult to judge from outside a company, and even within a company different managers can have very different attitudes. Most, if not all, will have absence triggers which result in a meeting for a discussion. In general these discussions are to alert you that you have exceeded the triggers and being monitored - this gives those who are taking advantage to buck their ideas up. Another reason for this type of meeting is to find out what is going on with the employee and if there is additional support they can provide. 

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