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Unfortunately most people come here to late

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The key to a successful claim is filling out your PIP2 form in the right way.
I know this sounds obvious, but many people only come to the forums when things go wrong.

Reasearch and understanding of the points system, descriptors and criteria for an award are essential.


CAB, Welfare rights or similar, in some cases AGE UK can all be of assisstance.

Many of the descriptors are not black and white but are often treated as if they were.by HCP's and DM's

For example
Just because you are to walk 50 metres is not enough to determine your award

‘Reliably’ - the most important PIP word It’s vital that, before you complete your form, you understand that just because you can carry out an activity, that doesn’t mean you are prevented from scoring points for being unable to do it. 

Guidance issued by the DWP states that you need to be able to complete an activity ‘reliably’ in order for it to apply.  According to the guidance, ‘reliably’ means whether you can do so:
• Safely – in a fashion that is unlikely to cause harm to themselves or to another person.
• To a necessary and acceptable standard – given the nature of the activity. 
• Repeatedly – as often as is reasonably required. 
• In a reasonable time period no more than twice as long as a person without a physical or mental health condition would take to carry out the activity. 

You may be able to walk 50m but can you do so repeatedly, safely, to an acceptable standard and in a reasonable time ? 

You may be on pain medication that takes time to work meaning that some morning activities cannot be undertaken for a few hours, for example washing and dressing. To do so in a timely manner you may need assistance

Make good use of the reliability factors

If you are completing your own form, make it as easy to read as possible

Don't try and squeeze everything into the boxes.  It is ok to type your answers on separate pages and attach to the back of the form, each sheet should have your name and NI and a page number. Use the page number as a reference in the box.

Cut out the waffle. Keep your answers as concise as possible.

Medical evidence is important for the Why but not the How.
Only relevant evidence should be submmited that attests to how your functionality is affected

If you do have a lot of evidence then reference it as above, and prepare a bullit point cover sheet referencing each point to each descriptor. Make it easy for the reader to find the relevant section by page and paragraph

Remember your form must be in on time.
By the time you get your form you will probably have less than two weeks to complete and return it by the date. You are entitled to at least a two week extension, ring up and ask for it


Be all you can be, make  every day count. Namaste



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