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I have health problems that cause me pain I am on painkillers all my reports say I didn't report any pain and did not appear in pain it was on my how my disabilities affects me form how do o show during an assessment I am in panic because I  am always in pain 


  • Lasian_Alumni
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    Hi @EllieStar1989

    What assessment is this for? Is it your medical reports that say you don't appear in pain? 

    I just want to make sure we have the right details so that we can give you the right support and advice  :)

  • EllieStar1989
    EllieStar1989 Member Posts: 44 Connected
    Medical says I in pain not pip assessor though 
  • Paulb
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    Hi there i have chronic arthritis . Ive had knees replaced and just had shoulder replacement. I am on morphine  for pain. I have been told by job seekers allowance i am not able to claim ihave also been told by employment support that i can work so i get no money/benefits. How do i get over this stumbling block. Ive heard lots of people are in same situation
  • cathie
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    Wow did this to me for years  women interviewer had nerve damage in spine on tram adoLe. Pain relief  looked in discomfort 65 she have retirement  now choosing  to work put self in that postion answer was 8f I can do it so can others quite frankly being able to do this daily by choice my answer you clearly don't know the  pain people experience if you did would not be able to  do what your so clergy proud 9f doing   we don't stand a chance if that's what we're up against. . Made me cross if honest 
    Only me .. cathie..