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A DWP case manager told me ATOS and CAPITA assessors are unjust

AmyS1992 Member Posts: 26 Courageous
After spending another hour on the phone to a case manager (now a twice weekly occurrence for the last 5 months), I complained that the assessment was exceptionally unfair. His response was yes, everyone is reporting the same, I am aware they are unfair. He also questioned their professionalism and medical knowledge, stating that "I could do a better job". I was also informed in the particular call centre he was stationed at, no calls were being recorded as they had a new telephone system.

It was nice to speak to someone so caring and helpful for once - I am just very confused as to why he told me this. I wish that I was able to record calls.


  • Fight4Justice
    Fight4Justice Member Posts: 63 Courageous
    Glad you had a good experience. I will be interested to know if this Case Manager actually rules in your favour with their decision. Or if they're a wolf in sheep's clothing and screw you over. I hope it's the former, but the fact the calls aren't being recorded with their new telephone system, sounds a bit fishy to me. I know Benefits & Work recommend to send in your Mandatory Reconsideration request using DWP's online form. As at least there's a paper trail of what has been sent this way. Personally, I would prefer to do it over the phone for convenience sake, however, I believe a lot of these DWP staff are complicit in wrongfully rejecting PIP claims, alongside Atos & Capita, two sides of the same coin type thing. I hope I'm wrong, but my experience with the DWP & Atos has only been negative. Thankfully, the Tribunal service are independent, and I've had good experiences with them. However, having to wait 6 months to make it to appeal was very tough. I'm fortunate that I have family members that can loan me money to make it to appeal. Then I paid them back with the backdated money after winning appeal. I believe the DWP have purposely designed it this way. The same way the govt. use to enforce a 80% rejection target on MRs in the past. Thankfully, the problems with PIP, ESA & Universal Credit are getting more mainstream attention nowadays, I think it's all about creating awareness, I believe the majority of the British public are ignorant of the harm the govt. and DWP are doing. I sincerely hope we don't need to wait until 2022 for a new govt.


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