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Down’s syndrome brother

hi everyone
my brother had Down’s syndrome who lives with our mum who is getting on in life so I down most of the care for them both. Here’s the question what will happen to my brother when something happens to Mum will I need to get power of attorney as I also have older siblings who do very little to help my mum and brother. It’s my mums wish for me to look after my brother but don’t know if that’s enough and really don’t want to get into a family argument over this.



  • Misscleo
    Misscleo Member Posts: 647 Pioneering
    Also you have your own life.
    If you take on your brother you will be stuck with him.
    Sounds ok at the moment but my friend did this. Then she kept saying could i have him.
    Im too ill for that so she now resents him.
    You need to do alot of thinking 
  • paddyt81
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    Yeah I know I have my own life but my brother is a big part of not just my life but also my missus and my two teenagers daughters. I’ve been thinking about it for a very very long time
  • lucyt
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    My son has Down Syndrome and I really worry about his future. I am discussing putting money in trust for him but this can affect his DLA.  His siblings would like to support him and that is my preference. Having seen group living first hand, I am not a fan.  Elijah (my son) is not a disability the people who view him that way are! He can achieve anything if I , you, his teachers find the right methods.