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The DWP have done the expected & have stopped my ESA because I was too ill to go to a medical assessment .  I now have to go through the appeal process again.  In the meantime  I have no money to pay a bill or restock  some of my food supplies .  I had the letter yesterday & felt really bad when I read it.


  • poppy123456
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    Unfortunately because you failed to turn up for the assessment they will imediately find you fit for work for failing to attend.

    You can claim JSA with a 13 week extended sick period, but you can only do this if your area isn't a full Universal Credit area. If it is then you will have to claim UC and not JSA. You can check what's in your are by popping your post code into this link. https://ucpostcode.entitledto.co.uk/ucdate

    If you claim housing benefit then you'll need to ring them today because your HB will now stop because of your ESA. You should ask them to send you a Nil Income form to fill in ASAP.

    As for food you can get food bank voucher by visiting your GP or CAB i believe. If you have a pay as you go meter for your gas and electric, they can also give you voucher for this too. Any other bills you'll need to ring them and tell them you're unable to pay anything at the moment and explain you have no money because your benefits have stopped.

  • Annabelle26
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    Thank you Poppy123456 for your advice.  I have spoken to the DWP about JSA & it would take several weeks to sort out because I would have to go to the local JobCentre & it would be up to the Advisor whether I got it or not so I would still not have any money coming in which is the big problem at present.  The food bank would be a big problem as it is based at my Mothers church & people from the church are volunteers.


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