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How do I prepare for PIP home visit?

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how to prepare for a pip home visit for ànxiety depression 


  • JennysDad
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    Hello @teanybop and a warm welcome to the community. Very glad you have found us.
    I'm not a benefits specialist, but we have some here who will be in touch with you as soon as they possibly can. Please bear with us and keep in touch.
    You might also find some of the resources and conversations useful here, in the 'Talk about PIP/DLA' category. Do please have a look.
    We will get back to you as soon as we can,
    Warmest best wishes,
  • sdoc94
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    Hi @teanybop

    I am not sure about how to prepare in respect of anxiety as I do not suffer from it. 

    But the home visit I experienced was pleasant, the assessor was kind and only stayed in one room.

    She was quite observant and was scanning around the room at times. I noticed in my copy of the report that she made a lot of comments about my posture, how I was dressed etc.

    She checked my identification and medication etc.

    All in all she was very nice, I would tell you though - be as clear as you can and talk as much as you can in your assessment, explain everything fully.

    Good luck!
  • CockneyRebel
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    When you do attend the assessment you may take a companion for support.

    Make no special effort, be yourself

    Take your medication as prescribed

    Most people with long term conditions have learned to manage and conceal their condition. On the day you must become "disabled" for the assessor to see the real you, otherwise an incorrect assessment is likely.
    I am in no way suggesting that anyone should put on an act and pretend to be worse than they are, many people are already stressed, but at the same time it will not help if the claimant " Puts on a brave face" as my gran used to say

    If you have a home visit, the assessor is just the same as any visitor , they do not have the right to look around your home.

    If possible have a companion with you

    Keep to your normal routine. If at the appointed time you are normaly still in bed or not dressed, then, if you are comfortable, there is no reason to alter that.

    You decide which room the assessment takes place in
    Assessors may arrive early or late so be ready. Have your ID and medication list to hand.

    The assessor will be observing everything you do from the start, how you sit, stand, walk, handle items such as bags and coats.

    Don't expect them to answer many questions, they have an agenda and will want to stick to it.

    If you have a companion they can take notes.

    After the assessment you should ring the DWP and ask for a copy of the report, but wait for 3-4 days for them to receive it. Do not be fobbed off, you are entitled to it no matter what the phone jockey tells you.

    When you receive the report it will give you an indication of your possible award it is a recommendation only, it is the DM that makes the decision and it may differ.
    Be all you can be, make  every day count. Namaste
  • teanybop
    teanybop Member Posts: 2 Listener
    thank you very much im just waiting on a date for it so i have to cancl the first appointment...after them trying to tell me that I would still meet them in their territory


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