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frecklesfreckles Member Posts: 258 Pioneering
edited April 2018 in PIP, DLA and AA
I just got my letter back about my MR pip decision nothing has changed the decision letter is the same as the last decision letter there is no mention of my idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis there is no mention of my autism spectrum disorder and does not go into great detail about my mental health these were all sent to the dwp when i rang last week to ask my my MR had taken so long they said there had been a mix up i was then passed on to a supervisor when i told him about my ipf he said whats that so i told him its  a very serious lung condition and about my autism he then said i have all your info here and will look at it again i was awarded the enhanced rate for the last two assesements but this time only standard rate for daily living needs and standard rate for mobility needs if anything my health condition has got worse which i told the supervisor this its says i can stand and then move more than 50 metres but no more than 200 metres unaided i dont no how far 50 metres is because i dont carry a measuring device with me alls i no is when i start walking i have a coughing fit so it looks like i will have to go to an appeal which will be more stress and anxiety as if i have,nt got enough going on already any advice would be more appriciated...... this was written by my partner because i,m to upset to write


  • Sam_AlumniSam_Alumni Scope alumni Posts: 7,730 Disability Gamechanger
    Hi @freckles
    Im sorry to hear this, it can be a very stressful and upsetting time. If you choose to go to appeal tribunal, we have lots of information and so many members who have been through this so I hope we can help you.

    We have a video about going from MR to tribunal here

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  • markyboymarkyboy Member Posts: 368 Pioneering
    Unfortunately PIP is not just about the medical conditions you have it is how they affect your ability to carry out the descriptors on the PIP form
    You can either go down the appeal route which has a high rate of success but you could wait up to 9 months for a hearing and can be stressful or accept the award you have been given and start collecting evidence for a stronger case when your next review comes up
  • frecklesfreckles Member Posts: 258 Pioneering
    Been to CAB this morning they can only fit me in to see benefits advisor on 15 may the dwp sent M.R. decision letter out on the 17th april i got it yesterday on the 23rd april so to go to tribunial i have to have it by the 15 th of may dont no what to do 
  • Pippa_AlumniPippa_Alumni Scope alumni Posts: 5,851 Disability Gamechanger
    Hi @freckles, are the CAB aware of the reason why you need an earlier date?
  • frecklesfreckles Member Posts: 258 Pioneering
    Hi pippa my MP rang me yesterday she told  me to go ahead with appeal and she is not happy with the dwp for taking nearly 3 months to decide my MR she  going to get in  touch wiv them and ask them why it took  3 months to sort mmy MR out
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