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What would you find helpful? Hospital visits...

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Hi guys,

A quick introduction... I am a support worker on a general paediatric ward. I work closely with children, with and without learning disabilities, and am looking for ideas to improve our service for the Children AND parents!!

My 14yr old daughter is doing a sponsered bungee jump in a couple of weeks to raise money for buying some Buzzys, i dont know if you guys have ever seen them. They are a distraction type piece of equipment to help with blood test/injections etc. She initially wanted to raise enough to buy 2, but has done really well and already got a couple of hundred pounds extra!

On the ward we are currently trying to improve on our approach to children with learning disabilities, as we feel as hard as we try, there are still short falls! I am thinking of buying a tablet to use specifically for distraction whilst having blood tests/observations etc, with games/apps loaded onto it. 

I would LOVE if anybody could suggest any ideas for what my daughter could buy now, or we could look to raise money for in the future?

I sincerely hope nobody minds me asking, but I thought it would be best to ask the people who know best!!

Thank you for reading
Aimee x