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Hi, my name is tremar!

tremar Member Posts: 2 Listener
Hi,I'm new to this group and would love to help where possible,having  suffered myself with this debilitating illness for some 20 years +


  • Geoark
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    Hello @tremar and welcome to the community.

    I look forward to reading your advice, and don't forget that we are here for you as well.

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    Hello @tremar Pleased to meet you welcome.

    Glad you joined. Hope you find information and advice.

    We are a friendly community 

    Have care and concern for each other.

    Please have a look around the forum.

    Anything you wish to ask. Ask the community or the team.

    Take care

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    Welcome to the community @tremar

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  • tremar
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    Hi all thankyou for the welcome messages ?,first of all,like a few ppl on here.I am able to still work at the moment,but only with pain management.the only meds I take are co-codomal,which as you might agree can have issue,but only take when required and mostly prior to going to bed,which at tge moment gives me a relatively decent night and a pretty goor following day,while I also understand its not good for all,I believe that it is about finding what works for you.