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Hi, my name is NuttyKnittingNanna!

I’ve got lots of health issues and am in chronic pain much of the time.
I recently decided to stop the majority of my meds, various reasons but mainly because I felt out of control with my care.
i have considered suicide because of the pain when I am at my lowest.
i was on antidepressants as well as several kinds of pain meds.
im reluctant to return to them now so just take Gabapentin and Tramadol when pain is too much.
To be perfectly honest I have stockpiled meds so I have a way out.
My family are wonderful and at the minute they are keeping me going. I don’t want them to worry about me and want to be independent. 
Thank you for this site, I know it will help . My love to you all xxx


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    Hi @NuttyKnittingNanna

    It’s great to meet you this evening.

    I will pass your post onto our “Chronic Pain Experts” if that is ok????

    Many Thanks.

  • Pippa_Alumni
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    Hi @NuttyKnittingNanna, welcome to the community! It's great to have you here. You may like to check out our dealing with chronic pain discussions.

    If you are having thoughts of suicide, it is important that you discuss them with someone who is qualified to help. Please call the Samaritans on 116 123 (free) or email them at [email protected]. You might also benefit from reading MIND’s information on how you can help yourself. If you feel that you may be an immediate danger to yourself, please call 999 or go to your local hospital right away.

    Do get involved with the community, and just let us know if we can be of any assistance!

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    Don't give up nutty knitting nanna! Love the name. I have chronic pain conditions too. On my low days I get angry, frustrated, but I've never felt suicidal. I have way to much to live for and I never back down from a challenge  lol. It is hard to be positive all the time when your drained by pain but I just lol outside and think right, so I can't do xyz today, what can I do  It's about training the mind to distract itself from the physical part. I also say to myself now (though still find it difficult at times) to actually let myself feel these emotions to get them out, be a grumpy cow if your in pain, cry, scream whatever it takes to empty out the **** that you fill up with on a low mod days. Please see help don't go it alone. X