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I’m new here and need advice on finding benefits for my little guy. We are in the process of applying for his first ever DLA due to his physical disability. What do I need to include on the paperwork? Any advice or tips would be appreciated. This is my first time ever applying for any kind of financial assistance for our son. The form came yesterday in the post. Its a killer form of questions to say the least. 

It is full of questions about what he cannot do. I have a few questions about this. How long does it take to get approved by the powers that be? How will I get notified? How do you answer the questions on the form? This form is torture for me. Do I need to include any of his medical records like reports with it or not? Or letters; that way it will be quicker and more efficient than this stupid application form. 

He’s 23 months old now like his twin sister. My son can’t walk unaided. No chance of that happening. He is paralyzed from the waist down because of Spina Bifida. Oh and he also has severe bilateral clubbed feet. 


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    Hi leahburnett
    If you have a local Citizens Advice it would probably be best for you to get them to help you fill out the forms.They are experts with them.As for your question about how long it all takes,there will be a date to get forms back make sure you send them signed for and keep a copy of anything you send.
    The Time factor varies from area to area you could have a result in a few weeks or it can take months it just depends on the volume of claims and speed of appointments.
    I would include any medical notes and test results also anything you have from the health visitor to back up your claim.
    Explain in as much detail how his lack of abilities impact on normal daily life for a child of his age also what extra care he has to have regarding this.
    Anyone who has input to his treatment can write a letter whether a professional or family carer.
    Once all this has gone to DWP they will write and let you know what to do and when.If you don’t hear from them you can always ring them and ask for a progress update although I would leave at least a month before doing so.
    Good luck to you and your little man.

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    Hi @leahburnett1996
    Welcome to the community! 
    I am in the process of renewing my daughters DLA at the moment. I am doing a draft answer of the questions first on lined paper and making notes.  I was told to include lots of examples when answering the questions.  The form is really long so I am doing a few questions a day so its not so demanding. 
    Include all doctors letters or reports you have as evidence to support your claim. 
    I am using http://www.cerebra.org.uk/help-and-information/guides-for-parents/dla-guide/
    to help me do mine.  
    feel free to ask me any questions. 
    Also once you do get your DLA if you get tax credits inform them too! 

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    Hi Leah 
    Welcome to the community!
    We are also in the process of applying for Oliver's first ever DLA. My advice is to practice answering the questions on your computer or on paper first and make notes.

    Shine have made a guide that may come in handy here-   https://www.shinecharity.org.uk/uploads/media_items/pipforspinabifida-30may2015.original.pdf

    I've found that this one is more useful. It is for those with Spina Bifida. Although it is primarily for those who are over 16, newly diagnosed parents may still find it helpful and appropriate. Contains several tips to help you complete the form to the best of your ability. Make sure to include his medical paperwork i.e things like letters and reports with the form (preferably photocopied ones). They will serve as back up evidence that supports your claim and allows them to process it faster and more efficiently as well. 

    Good luck!!

    If you have any questions, ask them. Agreed the form can suck. 
  • leahburnett1996
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    Thanks for the advice and information everyone. I’ll make sure to include copies of his medical reports with the application form for them to read. Also I found the guides handy when completing the application form. It helped me answer the questions. Much appreciated. 


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