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Meeting to change how DWP and Job Centre treat us.

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Hi Everyone 

This morning my husband recieved a phone call from a lovely lady I know, from the deaf society.

She has asked me if I would meet with a gentleman at the job centre?

This gentleman use to work at Remploy? And now works at the job centre on a tempary basis. To find out how the job centre and DWP can improve their treatment of disabled People? And look to improve better ways on assessments and court cases ect.

I feel a bit out of my league to be honest, but have agreed to meet with him on Monday.

I have never had any problems with ESA just P.I.P.
Has any of the community been asked to go?

Have a lovely day 
Bev x


  • thespiceman
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    Hello @bevt2017 Sorry no but I hope I can add my experiences to help you.

    Last time had issues with the staff because they had been used to dealing with vast numbers of people. Unfortunately not many like myself.

    First problems were the initial meeting and what happens you receive a phone call at home to attend the Job centre.

    Very anxious and bewildering confusing for me.  Arrived at the designated time.  No one every asked me about my disability. What do you need how can I help.?  Adjustments and all too frightening. No privacy. 

    Called my name out and did not hear anything. Am partially deaf. Sitting there this woman barking at me.  Just get up introduce yourself and say. Lets go into this room and talk, nothing like that.

    Been about two years ago and asked for Disability Employment Advisor. Not got one this branch.  No idea how to talk to me. Am sitting on a chair stunned of course and not good. 

    Remember they ring on a Friday to say have to sign back on . Appointment Monday usually the following week. That has to change.  Should be notified by phone but given opportunity to discuss what support you need at the job centre.

    Many of our community in shock. Have no ideas to move forward. After any failure of the assessments and appeals if any.  None of know what to do. Also the attitude of passing the buck from DWP to Jobcentre no decorum or politeness. No time spent you are just told.

    Also remember you will not get paid till the JSA has gone through. In my case no money for a month. While they are deciding to sort me out again for the umpteenth time.  That has to change.

    Insensitive and harsh and sometimes comments that are demeaning are spoken.

    Worse thing is from the huge amount of paper work and setting up of the computer programme. All too much . Also may I add nothing helps than some one in front of you who has no idea. They have their job but treat you as a number.

    Add to that the constant number of staff. That you sign on with. I have memory problems and can not recall staff names. From my signing on to being signed off sick again had in a period of six months. Eight or more staff members.

    In the end had to bring in a support worker to assist with all of this..  Which by the way should be available anyway in the centre.

    Understand to deal with all this.  Including Mandatory Reconsideration and anything else like advice and appeals if necessary.

    No one explained anything all confused and complex.

    Add my suggestion have an advocate at assessments or welfare rights to attend.

    If you were at a tribunal or anything like appeals should be available. Add to that the waiting after any appeal.  Should give the answer straight away. Instead of going back and waiting.

    Last appeal had two Doctors still went home and not wiser. Till a month waiting. Got the right answer need to know right now.

    Recording and video evidence of assessment. What the assessor wrote. Copy given to claimant.  Witness statement by both parties and signed as a true record then sent off to DWP.

    You do that in other walks of life. Why not here.?

    Hope that helps

    Take care


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  • bevt2017
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    Hi @thespiceman

    Thank you for the info  :)

    That's disgusting how you have been treated.
    The system deffenatly needs to change.
    Hopefully this guy will help us to change the system.

    I will make sure I talk about your ordeal.

    Thanks again
     Bev x
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    Hello @bevt2017 Thanks for reply. I forgot to mention something. A lot of the issues around ESA are ridiculous. In the sense there are two groups. The support group and a group they call WRAG.

    If you claim ESA. Then happen to be in the last group. They decide DWP by the way how and why you tell me.

    For myself who has a range of disabilities and illness.

    One time was in this group this WRAG group and as I say sign on. Then to my amazement told we no longer are responsible for you. Understand this you are going to a training company.

    They are responsible for all your needs .Still have to sign on for JSA.  Come to this office every fortnight.  Which I replied about certain queries I had. Which the reply was we cannot answer to which I then added.  Do not need you then do we. Scrub Jobcentres only answer.

    Government wants to save cash get rid of these places. Training company can take place. The system is such that I going backwards and forwards constantly. Had question for them. The training company. No cannot answer that is DWP will know.

    Add also training company did not know what to do with a whole loads of fifty plus people with long term disabilities and illness. All herded into courses and not wanted. One lady who helped me did not want me as a client. What a mess. 

    Had to add that because this happening right now. All people of our community siting in large numbers doing nothing. No hope for a job or any other prospects.  In these training companies.

    Very demoralising and felt useless and worthless.

    Understand all about money. Even this lady helped me with possible appeal. Thank god I had a support worker who took the DWP a part of her to task with them.

    Got new information and new ESA assessment. Now in the support group. Issues are anytime to change. I could have a review anytime they want. They have the say so not us.

    Over rule any medical appeal or assessment they are in the wrong. Not and should not ever happen but it  does.

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    All the best for your meeting, @bevt2017!
  • bevt2017
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    Hi @Pippa_Scope

    Thank you :)

    She did say other disabled people will be going? I didn't know if any of the community were going?

    Might be a bit difficult communicating being deaf.
    But will try my best x