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My name is Dave I am a carer for my wife she has M/S for the last 20 years.we are waiting pip is hard enough without this regime of persecution against disabled people.i lost my carers allowance at 65 It appears at 65 you are no longer a carer.but if you notice politicians seem invulnerable to getting    any type of they know something we don't?


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    O.M.G! I did not know they do that?im 55 next month but i would think that in another 10 yrs ill be caring for my 2 teenage sons who both have cerebral palsy and other conditions.Thank you for letting me know that.What do the 'powers that be' expect carers  65& over to do then???
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    That's terrible.
    They just seem to keep looking for ways to get us wish they could understand how it really feels on a daily basis xx
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    Carers allowance and state pension are considered overlapping benefits. If your state pension is less than carers allowance you will still be paid, but minus the state pension. For example if  your state pension is £50 per week you will get £14.60 per week carers allowance.

    Depending on your circumstances even if your state pension is over £64.60 it may still be worth applying for even if you don't get any payment, this is because you will have an underlying entitlement to carers allowance and it can increase any means tested benefits, or entitle you to means tested benefits. These would be pension credit, housing benefit and council tax benefit/reduction.

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