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My Medical History

This is about disabledkenny1 life since conditions started at the age of 14!

I was 14 when my right knee started giving away in school & took me to hospital, they did not know what was wrong so stuck me in plaster cast from my hip to my ankle, after 3 months they removed it & told my I had oscoslaters disease (lack of cartilage tissue), at the age of 19 I saw a rheumatologist & he operated on my knee & discovered that I had osteoarthritis, a year later my hips started then my left knee, they sent me for physiotherapy & gave me pain killers. I also started with asthma so started on inhalers which helped control it.

In 1991 I help start of Pike View Animal Rescue in Oldham I was the homing officer & picked up & delivered items for the charity shop, then had to go into hospital to have my thyroids removed as had very over active thyroids, the operation was successful thankfully.

When I was 27 in 1993 I woke up unable to move from my neck down so my ex-partner called out my doctor he said the osteoarthritis had hit my spine & sent me immobilised so gave me some anti-inflammatory tablets and with in 4 hours was able to move & start walking again, but had to give up my job as head waiter of a hotel in Oldham, I was able to claim benefits & disability living allowance & got the higher rate care & motablety.

1994 I had a major stroke & took 8 months to recover I was unable to move my left side & has slurred speech.

In 1997 I started my own business designing & printing business stationery for small businesses & was driving from Morecambe to Lancaster, Preston, Blackpool, Oldham & Manchester, but in November 1997 had another major stroke which took 13 months to recover from so ended back on benefits. I also had a bad fall & fractured my center & lower vertibra was bedridden for 3 years need 24 hour care.

I started suffering from  severe depression disorder in 1998 saw a psycritis and stress councillor eventually medication helped me.
I had a bad fall in 1999 using my wheelchair going up a steep drop kerb I fractured my centre & lower vertebra’s & spent 3 years needing a lot of care unable to walk mostly bedridden.

From 1998 - 2001 I  had a lot of light strokes & TIA’s in & out of hospital, as they discovered that I had a stroke related condition.
In 2001 I moved back to Oldham to be near my friends.

2009 became paralysed from the chest down, spent 4 weeks in hospital, 3 months later got feeling of upper body but legs remained paralysed for a further 15 months, still to this day did not find out why.

Had a heart attack in 2014 discovered I had Super Ventricular Tachycardia condition recovered after a couple of weeks.