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I have been failed by housing, hospital, and dentist

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I have been failed by Housing/ Hospital and dentist and I just don't seem to be able to get anywhere with anyone :-( :-( and am at the giving up stage! Serious mental health issues and after an operation 2015 I am permanently disabled only part use of left hand right hand cannot be fixed and am now left with serious nerve end damage which has caused-- sciatica / trapped nerves / lockjaw / unbalanced and am falling often and I can't stop myself from falling and on and on! Any advice would really be appreciated!


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    Hello @Belinda_501 Pleased to meet you. Please can I ask what help and support do you need from the community

    Please could you reply and say what you need.  Have you looked at our threads and posts on Mental Health or Physical and Motability impairments if any of that helps.

    Always here to listen

    Take care

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    Hi @Belinda_501, how are you today?

    I'm so sorry to hear that things are difficult at the moment. Is there anything in particular you were hoping for advice on? 
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    Try welfare rights u allowed health care