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How to get funding for accessibiliy equipment that's unavailable from Access to Work without a job o

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Are there any sources of funding a person with an officially declared disability can apply for to assist with the process of getting back into work before any job offers have been secured?

wrt. Funding, I mean funding that is not means tested and is to help buy equipment that overcomes accessibility problems.

To explain: I suffer from Chronic Migraines together with persistent severe Light Sensitivity (as in permanently, even between attacks). Even though I am helped through wearing bespoke precision tinted glasses for this problem, I am still severely sensitive to computer screens (even sufficiently dimmed and with appropriate colour filtering). Further, I suffer from migraines triggered from most fluorescent and LED lights, which basically excludes me from most workplaces.

Not being able to access the digital world because most computer screens trigger migraines in me, means that my options are severely limited regarding digital correspondence to land a job, and to access online resources and online learning to be able to get back into working to earn an income.

One answer to my dilemma would seem to be to purchase a special e-ink computer monitor called the Dasung PaperLike Pro to be able to set myself up to work from home. It uses natural light (like an eBook reader e.g. the Kindle). Since I am fine with natural light and have no problems with e-ink ebook readers, this would be perfect to help with my difficulty. The problem is that the PaperLike Pro computer monitor, being very specialist, is about £700! - which I can not afford since I've lost so much money already from being out of work due to my disability.

Although I know Access to Work has already supplied funding for someone else (who has similar problems) for that same computer screen, they won't consider an application for my case until I have a secured a job offer starting in 6 weeks. So I am stuck in a "catch 22” situation.

I fail any JobCentre means testing because I have savings earmarked for urgent and major house repairs which take me over the means testing limit. So options are rather limited from that end too.

Does anyone have any ideas of how to procure funding of this sort outside of the JobCentre and Access to Work options I've already considered?

Further - What if I am wanting to get into a position of working for myself from home as a freelancer? Would there be any financial help from any organisation to fund the specialist screen to help me try and support myself financially that way?

P.S. I don't qualify for PIP.

Thanks in advance 


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    Hi @sledgeh, welcome to the community!

    This is a tricky one, it sounds as though it must be really frustrating for you! I wonder whether there's any grants you could apply for to help with this. Have you tried Scope's grants search? It may be worth having a look to see if there are any you may be applicable for. 
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    Thanks Pippa,

    I didn't know about this option.

    I'll certainly dig further into Grants and Funds.

    Are there any other "avenues" I should be investigating?

    Thanks and all the best.

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    Hi @sledgeh

    Unfortunately, your options are going to be extremely limited with regards to charitable funding as almost every charity has some sort of means-testing to ensure that the grants they give are targeted at people who don't have other financial options. Perhaps you could spend some of your savings on the house repairs that you have the money ear-marked for so that you come below the thresholds. 

    Other than that that only other thing I can think of is if you could to crowdfund or privately fundraise  for the equipment.

    Best Wishes

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