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Hello i have been on ESA for a few years. I had to go for a work capability assessment 3 weeks ago. I have not received any letters from them after assessment. But got a letter for appointment for job centre.The letter just said we looked at the information you gave us as part of work assessment this showed us that you are able to do certain things to prepare for work in the future.Does that mean they are sending me back to work. I dont feel ready im suffering with depression and i am on tablets. I have chronic pain due to fibromalgia and Lupus. I had to change date of appointment and i just recieved a letter changing date but it says help you back to work interview.We will look at your jobseekers agreement im confused.Will they stop my ESA money and put me on job seekers allowance.My health is not good at the moment can they force me to work and stop my money.Thanks 


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    Looks like you maybe have been put in the work related activity group of ESA.
    Was you in the Support group before.

    I would advise you to phone the number on the letter and ask, I don't think it's JSA they've put you on.. 
    let us know how you get on.
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    It sounds as if you where in the support group and after your acessment are moving you into the  lower work related group. Which means a lower benefit rate and you will have to attend interviews to help you get back into work. Keep us posted as a mistake may have been made or you will have to prove your inability to resume work.
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