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Hi, my name is dean1370!

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Had a appeal 20-6-2018 for anxiety depression 


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    Hi @dean1370, welcome to the community! If we can be of any assistance, do let us know.
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    I applied for pip March 2017, I had a assessment and received 0 points , the assessor said in his report I gave good eye contact , dressed well , had no issues communicating , etc etc , all incorrect , I decided to appeal , after waiting 15 months I had to attend the magistrates court . The hearing wasnt in a court room it was in a room , I waited outside alone , felt extremely anxious the waiting area was full of people . All waiting to go in for a pip hearing , the court clerk came to me and asked if I needed a private room as he thought I looked distressed , I said no I will wait here , I asked for a report from my doctor which simply said he suffers from anxiety and depression . Due to a traumatic childhood, which I was charged £17-50 for, I had no one supporting me , no one helped me with my case , on the day of the tribunal I wrote a letter to the tribunal giving facts about what has happened to me in my past . I handed this into the clerk , when I was in the hearing I just knew I was waisting my time and had put myself through this for nothing , they where a judge a disability expert and a doctor , all asked me questions which lasted about 15 mins . I was told a decision would be sent in the post , the court clerk showed me out and took me to the lift . He said if you want to wait outside I will bring you the decision , I sat outside the court thinking why am I waiting it’s only going to put me further down . But I waited the clerk came to me with the letter , he smiled and said appeal won , he said you could tell straight away you was distressed , but you answered all questions and I knew you was going to win , I was shocked as did this alone .i just want to give hope to those who suffe from anxiety and depression as pip can be awarded just be yourself , my pip was backdated to March 2017 and award until March 2020