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If in lwc group I read , have auto some pip

justJohn Member Posts: 17 Connected
I was put in lwcra on 21 May after a fight hard time . Finally I can sleep , well without them questions like how can I do a job when u know in your heart it's not in you , I know I could not work I know it . Anyway I got a uc50 on 29 May for work assessment  Do I have a entitlement for pip element , I read I do but rang was told it's not true. Can anyone advise . Thanks John


  • wilko
    wilko Member Posts: 2,452 Disability Gamechanger
    The question looks straight forward, are you claiming PIP, either you are and have documented proof or you are not claiming or have not applied. But the DWP will know by the bank payments which benefits you are claiming  and being paid for. Best wishes john.
  • justJohn
    justJohn Member Posts: 17 Connected
    Yes I was not so clear . Had left hip replaced got sever nerve damage and few more things keep me so full of unbelievable pain like I did not think possible I felt like I just want my arm cut off Quite easy and i get so down to lowest lowest point an never ever out of sever pain no way can I live for ever like this I just do not want to never able go out . I got standard rate pip but as I said I do not know what I do if told I had t work I worry was told I can claim £16 a week pip I worked all my life my hip was that bad I finish work go lay down unable to move till I had to f work next day then one day went work and that was it just could not walk had X-ray sever arthritis hips right shoulder mod lift waiting for Mir on spine hands feet do not look like mine got personal things also not going talk about had no choice had go for work assessment had it three four days was asked fill out nor uc50 was just like thank god they believe me then bang all start again 


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