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Hi, my name is joe99!

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Hi there,I am on PIP and ESA and was receiving Severe Disability Premium,i was living on my own then fell out with the landlord,i had to move back to my parents who receive state pensions and various other beniifits,they had stopped the SDP because i have moved back here but only tempoary,but not yet moved back out,because my father had a brain haemorrhage and two strokes and my mother is riddlled with arthritis and heart defects,and want £754 odd back off me,i can ask for a mandatory reconsideration,i would like to know first if there if anywhere i can see if i DO qualify or any other help/advice would be helpfull,I was told personally i could by a DWP employee that I can still and this was from a man who works for the DWP,he told me this because he hates working for them and is not allowed to offer these benefits unless a customer asks!!! many thanks in advance


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    Hello @joe99 Pleased to meet you.  Welcome. First thing I would like to say is not too sure of an answer.

    I just wanted to welcome you and hope you can find a solution to your problems. Benefit enquiries are so complex.

    Despite what you have been told I would always seek some support and advice from people who know.   Just a suggestion.

    Reading from your post I would take a look at our benefit advice on PIP plus ESA and anything that helps you. Seek advice from welfare rights or CAB.  Useful to speak to.

    I am sure certain members of our community who know such things will be in touch. Or a member of our team.

    I hope you find that useful.

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    Hi @joe99

    Welcome to Scope's community! It's great to have you here.  Just to get you started we have a How To Guide here, you can see all the latest posts here, jump in and get involved and don't worry we are a friendly bunch!  
    If you need anything, just let us know. 

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