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I just can't keep in this news!

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Let me start from the beginning.

I always forget where I put stuff. I kept misplacing my blue reliever inhaler. So I looked at my dog, Cleo, and thought. 'what if I could teach her to bring it to me.' So I got out my clicker and training began. I was stunned. She had learned it in 35  minutes.

While putting the clothes in the washing machine I accidentally kept dropping my socks all over the floor. And some accidentally didn't make it to the machine. Out with the Clicker. Again, she picked up the trick very fast.

I always have trouble waking up. For some reason I sleep through my alarm and sleep for 13 hours per night. So I started phase one of wake up training. Cleo soon understood that she had to remove my duvet. During this I played a sample sound that is my alarm. When it played I tapped my bed and she jumped on it removing the duvet.

Last night I was home alone. I went to bed. She followed me. She stayed by my side all night. When I broke down in tears she placed her head on my chest and it helped calm me down. I still didn't sleep but I was safe. She was there.

Today I broke down in tears at the pet shop where I volunteer. My kind boss stepped out. When she came back in she said the lady who owns the hair salon next door wanted to talk to me.

The lady said she got new bright hair eyes and she was wanted to cut, dye and style my hair free of charge. I was lost, words wouldn't come out. I could not afford to have my hair cut this month. And I always wanted purple hair with pink streaks. My hair has well... Never felt like me. And then what she said next made my day.

I've heard about your special training with your Jack Russell Terrier. Bring her in. She's your assistance dog in training. I want you to feel comfortable. She's here for you. She helps you. And it you need me to stop at any time for a break, it's okay. To make you feel like you, it will take a lot of time. We can stop, have a drink of coffee and start when you're ready.  And half way through you can have lunch. Pack what you like to eat in your lunch.  You  are safe here. I promise we will go at your pace.

I've never had my hair coloured. And she's taking care of my needs. And I never thought I could have my dog with me to help me through this new experience. New stuff can be tough...  But I need to see me when I look in the bathroom mirror. I only see me in my mind. The appointment is set. It's going to be on 26th July at 10:30am.
I am different from others, but that doesn't make me bad.


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    That's lovely, it's good to be reminded that most people are good. ?

    Your little dog sounds amazing! Jack Russell's are incredibly clever little dogs. ?

    If you'd like some extra help to get your little pal fully trained and accredited, this website might be helpful.

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    @Gaina that website looks lovely.
    But Cleo is already 7 years old. According to their website, they go through 2 years of training. By the time she's fully trained, she'd be 9.  She'd be ready to retire. She also doesn't get along with other dogs after an off lead dog attacked her when she was 2. She also doesn't like strangers. She wears a little yellow vest at the moment saying. I need space.

    The last who owns the salon and my boss are good friends . They are both experienced dog owners with acknowledge of dog behaviour. So this is all controlled.
    I am different from others, but that doesn't make me bad.