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Hi my name is Tucks

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Both myself and my wife are disabled
 My wife is waiting TO have both her knees reconstructed.  I have got a reconstructed hip and memory retention problems following a rta in 1986 where I was on a Vespa and hit head on by another motorcycle.  I shattered a hip, elbow, broke various fingers, received a head injury and was in a coma. I have joined this group to help me find a physically appropriate job and to possibly help someone else by sharing my story. On the plus side I graduated from university in 2005 (rta in 1986 ) with a BA in Theology and Religious studies,  have passed my driving test since the accident, got married and become a father. Daughter 21, been married 22 years. So life still goes on for the head injured. However you are suffering now things can and will get better.


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    Hello @Tucks   Pleased to meet you welcome.  Thank you for sharing you story.

    I know there will be members of our community who will be interested and be supportive in your positivity. You are inspirational to others.  May I say.  I am one.

    Have a look at our community information on Practical support and information. Including Education and learning. Lots of posts from people from our community.

    We are community who care and share.  Plenty of new friends. Lots of information and advice.

    All I can say wish you the best in your journey.  We are here to listen anytime.. Ask the community anything you would like to know.

    Have look around.  Hope that helps.

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    Hi @Tucks


    You are a truly amazing man! Its easy to give up when life deals you a bad hand.  I admire your positivity and deyetmination.

    I was in a coma in March, only for 4 days. I was just wondering if you have had any after effects? I've been having really odd dreams.

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