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Severe Disability Premium-Refused

oldngrumpy Member Posts: 180 Pioneering

Hia Folks

I asked for some advice a few weeks ago re: P.I.P. (M.R) and also…

I was sent an application form for Severe Disablement Premium.

The DWP sent me this application I did not request this….

Anyhow this afternoon Wed 31.7.018 I made two enquiries on the above claims.

The P.I.P claim is still being decided, they have received the M.R., was given advice that it would take about another two weeks… This was confirmed a few minutes later by text.

I also enquired about the Severe Disability Premium (SDP).

They could not help me with this but was advised to ring my local Job Centre….

This I did (after almost twenty mins waiting) and divulging personal info..

I was told that I was not entitled to this because I live with my brother.

If anything happened to me I could always call upon my brother to help me.

So the case was closed!

But…my brother works nights, and I am out the house during the day because he is sleeping.

This time I spend in my local library (as when typing this) so I am on my own during the night.

Things have happened to me during the night…incontinence, falling whilst going to the toilet because of the gout (excruciatingly painful) leading to incontinence…

Like most people I have good and bad days.  

But although I do not like admitting this I have just turned fifty, and things are getting worse.

Should I take this decision lying down and accept the SDP decision or should I go to the C.A.B (they are worth their weight in gold) and appeal.

Thank you for any attention on this…


  • Jazzguitar
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    Rhis is appalling. Neville Pearson
  • Government_needs_reform
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    Answered this on your other post @oldngrumpy. Sorry to hear this but the Severe Disability Premium (SDP). is only if you live on your own and know one lives with you. Your brother might be able to claim careers allowance as he and you live at the same address.
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  • anixous2017
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    I would appeal get your Dr on your side , some practices have extra support I have a well being support worker x
  • Nanywytch
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    Due to recent mistakes by DWP and Atos they are now reviewing PIP claims l would appeal  if they don't give you a suitable option for your care you can go to court but l do know that you cannot get carers allowance if your carer works .My husband is my carer he works splits so he is home 4 hours in the middle of the day
    They said he wasn't with me enough time  plus he earned too much but l have fallen when on my own or outside