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Deaf Impossible solved for one, available for all?

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A tv show had a secret filming camera in a flat cap, meaning the deaf men could be alerted to vehicles approaching from behind.  Blind people might also like such ama lifesaving app on their phones

The same tv man had a speech to text app, specifically for knowing which one was speaking, in a group of people.  He already had his wife as a full time helper, guardian and interpreter.  Now, he can also have a social life on an equal footing.  Others may wish they too could participate in social situations, especially þhose whose deafness has þotally islated  them from hu man con tact.

.   Do these 'Impossible Engineering 'designs just remain with the single individuals on screen, or can others get hold of the apps and reverse,engineered programmes featured?


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    I think they sound like gimmicks to be honest, but happy to hear otherwise.

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    Not gimmicks. Not selling. O.U and bbc show the failed ideas and prototypes, then the invention in use.     

    Control a wheelchair and a sailing boat by eye gaze. Dance with an artificial foot which has a control button to make it go en point.    Have weak hands enhanced to grip, break and whisk eggs to bake cakes.

    But it was upsetting that the producers seemed unaware that the list above is not exactly the same as the other three features.

    1)  The complex techno fix to allow parents to go to sleep, or have a conversation, without risk their child will go into life threatening epileptic seizure the moment they are not carefully watching.   This too is not mass market, but the usefulness is obvious in many nursing observation situations.  The machine is not the same as watching, it is even  better.

    2) The indepèndence in safety of people who cannot tell if traffic is approaching.  That 'fix' only needed a tweak on a standard smart tablet.  Millions, worldwide, could benefit from that same tweak.   The programme producers had apparently not realised there is more than one deaf person.

    3) The other 'fix' was even more life changing,and also merely needs a tweak on a standard smart tablet .   Potentially,  many millions, worldwide, could regain independence, joy, work, and above all equal participation in every conversation.  There was a way to detect which out of a group of people was leading the conversation,  display the name and instantly transcribe their words to text, then switch again, keeping up with the speed and making sense of the interruptions and laughter, and ignoring the background noise clutter
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    I didn’t think you were ? it sounds fascinating.

    im hearing impaired so the last thing sounds amazing for something like work but I’d hate it in my social life as it would take you out of the conversation so much.