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hi im new here and suffer with anxiety depression and panic attacks all my life but the mental health people don’t give much help and I cry every day. 


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    Hi @debbie1967.
    It sounds like you are having to deal with a variety of symptoms with little support from the mental health system... I'm wondering if you have any support outside of the mental health system in terms of family and/or friends?  
    Also you say you've had these symptoms all of your life but my guess is they emerged as a consequence of something that happened to you and/or possibly in relation to the environment you were brought up in...
    The medical profession's most likely response to that is to offer medication which sort of dampens things down but doesn't really help you explore, identify, or sort out the cause, or come up with solutions.  
    Anxiety, depression, panic attacks are all reactions to something, i.e. there's no evidence to suggest that some people's brains inevitably mean they will become anxious/depressed/panicked people.  
    You may find it helpful to explore these issues in the privacy of counselling if you don't have any supportive people around you - your GP should be able to refer you for this... and if your GP isn't great on this try switching to one that is - some are great on mental health, some just aren't.  
    I hope that helps and you get the support you need so you can start to make the most of your life.  Best wishes.  Emma
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    Thank you emma I have had counselling and cbt over the years and just started more cbt but the therapist said she don’t know why this hasn’t helped in the past and all she’s doing now is telling me to do a graph daily on my anxiety levels I’m on medication and usually that helps but this time around it isn’t but maybe this is due to me being perimenopause although the therapist says it’s not but I think it might be. I’m planning to ask my doctor for hrt I just want to feel alive but I don’t. 
    Thank you for your advice. 
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    Hi @debbie1967.   CBT is great and perhaps the anxiety graphs will help you pinpoint your triggers and that could be useful. Have you ever tried Mindfulness?  That could help with both helping you to relax and with your feeling depressed. The other thing is if the origins of your problems stem from childhood issues or  trauma at any time [and that doesn't necessarily have to be full blown something happening even medical procedures or a car crash can be traumatic] then you may find a more trauma focused therapy will be more effective e.g. EMDR therapy.  I'm only suggesting this because you say the anxiety/depression have been around a long time.  I really hope you find something that works for you, the great thing is it's never to late to turn things around and hopefully find that 'alive' feeling.  Best wishes.  Emma 
  • debbie1967
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    Hi Emma 
    thank you for your reply yes I had a troubled childhood nothing really traumatic but to me as a child it all affected me and had troubled relationships too. All the doctor has done is send me to the psych and had  
    cbt they won’t give me anything else oh they give me more drugs but I don’t want that. 
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    Hi.I have similar, my panic attacks only happen when i have a big trauma in my life and can't cope with it. Other people can calm me down so i realise that i will have to learn how to self soothe. I'm actually quite good at hiding them (and a lot of my mental health problems) so it's only if i tell someone i'm having one that they'd know, this helps me feel somewhat calm when having one.

    Hope you get the HRT you feel you need, a lot of womens problems are ignored and sometimes we are put down to being hysterical for having them, which is sad but a reality. Your GP should at least arrange for blood tests to see if you're in your perimenopause though and then go from there.
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    Press on with Dr I get the same treatment I been neglected by mh I have legal rights a physcaitrist told at my hone few days again am.goin down hill