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Its been 12 months ago that i first applied for esa, i failed my medical and failed my mandatory appeal So appealed via a Tribunal, I'd asked for a paper hearing as the thought of attending was terrifying as i suffer severe anxiety and depression, I received a letter from the Tribunal at the very beginning of may 2018 asking for my permission to request further evidence from my Doctor and Hospital which i granted, the letter stated that when asked for further evidence the next appointment for my appeal i would have to attend court, For the next 3 months I worried lost sleep and almost a stone in weight even my hair began to fall out due to stress, It came to ahead and my Grandaughter finally contacted the tribunal asking how long will i be expected to wait for my decision? The Tribunal told her they couldnt tell her over the phone but would contact me which they did via letter the next day, And it seems i'd won my appeal 3 months previous just a week from giving permission to access more evidence. When i contacted esa the same day I got the letter They told me they hadnt bothered contacting me as my benefit dosnt change and i wouldnt receive any more than i already get with carers (i care for my mother who has Alzheimers) and income support as id been placed in the wrag group. I said this wasnt about how much money id receive but id spent 3 months almost on the verge of another breakdown, The young lady i spoke to said I was unable to claim esa because i claim income support and i would have to cancel my income support before they could do anything. I told her i had no idea it was down to me to stop income support and what should i do when id rang and asked for it to be stopped, She said to ring them back, So i did what she told me but when i rang back i got another lady Who said i shouldnt have done this because now im going to be without benefit untill esa is sorted out, I told her what the first lady had told me, She said she didnt believe me because they have nothing in what they are told to advise about cancelling your own benefit, I told the lady to please listen to the taped conversation because i would never have come up with that on my own accord, And now what am i supposed to do? She said to leave it but i would have to wait before i received any money, That was 3 week ago i still havnt had any payment and almost at my wits end on how iv been treated with such disregard..



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