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Hi, my name is pockets!

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i have had to move away from plymouth on 2 previous occasions as the housing they offer me is so inadequate but the 1 i am in now i have been told by both guiness and the fire service is too unsuitable for me and is a great danger to me also the problem i have is i cannot bend my legs and am a paraplegic i also have diabetes copd spondalosis osteo arthritis dequirins and various other problems so i am once again being forced to move i am unable to get good sized property in plymouth so i am moving to north yorkshire i am in the process of applying for pip replacing my DLA should hear very soon also i am 60 next birthday also my hubby has severe osteoporosis and cannot do much for me anymore he is 68 next birthday can you tell me will benefits pass with me and can i get a grant from anywhere to help with the costs of moving i do have a reletive up in yorkshire


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    Hello @pockets   Pleased to meet you welcome.

    Thank you for sharing. Understand the problems and issues the community will be supportive.

    I am not too sure of answer to help with financial assistance for  grant for moving.  Some one will know from our community or a member of our team.

    Have a look at our advice, information on Housing and Independent living. It might help and I would add speak to your local CAB. They are useful to know and have a lot of useful information and support.

    For PIP have a look at our benefit advice and information on how to deal with assessments. What is required and needed.

    Hope that helps. Wish you the best for a successful outcome. 

    We are a supportive friendly community .Care and share.

    Ask the community some one will know.

    Ready to listen.

    Please take care.

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    Hi @pockets
    Welcome to the community! Wishing you all the luck!
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    Hi @pockets and a very warm welcome to the community. If you need support regarding housing then it may be useful to contact Shelter. Furthermore, when applying for PIP you may find this information useful. If you need support filling out the forms then CAB can help :) If you need anything else then please do let me know. You may also find the PIP and housing boards useful to look at :)