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Feeling fed up and care hours

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This is a post i put on my Facebook blog page earlier.  

I have sent an email to my social worker about me having a review about my care hours. At the weekends i feel a bit fed up because i don't go out anywhere. I have some friends but not many. I go out in the week with my carers, but i don't have a lot to do at the weekend. I would like more care hours on a Saturday. If you have care, how many hours do you have? Has anyone else felt fed up because you didn't have a lot to do? What did you do about it?

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  • Academic12
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    I had myself a couple of care wind ups, was told could post hobby stuff of mine that goes down well in other quarters, got a great deal of acceptance, but in medically structured circles, because I was getting somewhere with it, there was jealousy and paranoia and much fidgiting and nought ended up posted, so I go back to the wider community now and leave the hours thing altogether as they are not prepared to listen or let it help and enlighten others,, sad really, but then again, in my preferred circles now, unfortunate people may still see it, every clooud as they say , so my hours taken up with it the same except when feelign poorly with my four major health complaints, good luck then.
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    Fine im not posting again as five replies have been privately looked at and not returned to public view, no thanks to the predicament of worry that whos getting access to them then as i dont need the added stress so please dont inflict it again and i dont want to "be hearing from you behind my back"