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Hi, my name is paulie!

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hello I am a care for my husband  who was Diagnosed with Dementia two years ago but I think he has had it longer noticed things was not right 2015  I have not asked for any help yet for him  some days I feel has if I am in a nut  house he it get so bad the Dementia  groups offer getting together with people who are struggling I have not joined because how can you talk about some one about the miss haps while he his in the same room just in case he under stand that they are talking about him  I know I would not like it so why should I let this happen he has is good days and bad surely they should realise it is not very nice all I get from my family and people in the Dementia groups I am doing a good job  believe me that's not what I want to hear all I want is some one to have a cup of coffee and tell the next stage of the illness he sufferers from the violent out breaks I have leant not to challenge  him      any views I would love to hear