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4 yr old son with mild CP and tiredness

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Our son was diagnosed with a left hemiplegia when he was 2. He has just started school and we are starting to worry about how tired he seems to be! 
He's sleeping more and I have had to start using the buggy board again on the 10 minute walk to and from school. 
Does any one have any advice on anything we can do to help with our sons tiredness? 
Our other concern is he seems to get very agitated and angry when he's tired. 
Thank you


  • Reg
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    I am in my early 50s with mild CP and still battling tiredness . It feels like a battery switch off or a “ brain drain “ so I can imagine that at your son’s age (when children are normally tired at starting school ) he will get angry if he can’t sleep when he needs to. When I was at your son’s age friends of my mother offered lifts to school so I had more energy in the playground so your solution seems ok to me .
    My parent’s other nightmare was that I could not sleep at night because of muscle spasms so I would sing - I am still tone deaf so it wasn’t pleasant until I learnt to read instead.
     I wanted to reply to say despite all the tiredness I managed to get a degree and a good job notwithstanding the drag along leg and clawed hand so try not to worry. The thing my parents and I wish we had all known though is the importance of physio and exercise to keep the muscles working and to limit the damage to bones that comes with age and from walking in an odd way - so do try and get as much physio help as you can while your son is young and try and get him to keep doing the physio. I know it is hard but that is my “if only “. As for the tiredness I am sure things will improve for your son as he acclimatises to the school routine and that adversity will make him stronger 

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    Unfortunately, tiredness is part of the course with CP. People with CP exert substantially more muscle effort than non-CP people. The muscles are continuously in action...therefore get tired.

    But I can not agree more with Reg. Physio osteopathy, physio, physio, osteopathy physio, osteopathy, osteopathy, physio, physio, osteopathy physio, osteopathy!

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    Hi @Victoriayeomans
    My children don't have CP but I remember them starting school and the sheer exhaustion they faced, it is a massive change for children to start school.  It may be worth chatting with other parents at school to see how their kids are dealing with it and to school themselves.

    @Richard_Scope do you have any thoughts?
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    Hi @Victoriayeomans
    Good to meet you. Starting school for any child is very tiring both physically and mentally, especially for a child with CP. I understand that 4-year-olds do not like being still but it might be worth asking his teacher to monitor his activity levels at break times. Sometimes quieter activities instead of rushing around may prevent the afternoon burnout. Just until his body has fully adjusted to the massive change of starting school
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  • arichmond
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    Hi @Victoriayeomans

    I don't have children, but at 27 with mild cerebral palsy myself, I do find I feel tired and ready for my bed by the end of the day! A physio once said to my parents that those with CP do have to use and exert more energy for things that most would take for granted, and I think any child might get tired when starting a new routine of school and a new environment.

    I echo the sentiments of the other comments on here: chat to other parents, chat to teachers and I would suggest as early nights as your son can manage, so that he gets as much rest as possible and feels fresh and ready for the next day - I still love a warm milk/hot chocolate in the evening as well :smile: find it helps me to settle the few hours before going to sleep to feel refreshed for the next day.

    I do hope this helps! :smile:
  • Chloe_Scope
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    Hi @Victoriayeomans and welcome to the community! I too have mild CP and can relate to being really tired. Starting school to begin is a big change for everyone so I hope he starts to have more energy. I'm 20 and often need a nap to get through a day of lectures at university. It is something I have learnt to manage and I've learnt to pace myself.