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Bad News,

Dear Community, I have very recently heard some of the worst news I have heard in a long time. I live on the outskirts of a Scottish Village called Lockerbie, which I move up here with my wife in 2011, and we registered with the local medical centre as both myself and my wife were registered Disabled. Over the years we have had nothing but excellent care when it came to our conditions, and the staff and Doctors at our medical centre have been so helpful. Even when I sadly lost my wife recently my GP wash so helpful and supportive. But it is with such shocking news that I heard from my neighbour that my GP had committed Suicide, apparently he left the medical centre last week and he never made it home, his car was found parked up, and then he was found later in some woodland area. Everyone I know are so shocked and devastated at this dreadful news, It won't actually compute in my brain, I can't believe that this has happened to such a kind warm and genuine person, he was one of those Doctors that had time for everyone and he listened to you, his bedside manners were impeccable. So this is a shock beyond words, I can only imagine what his family must be going through and all the staff at the centre must be devastated, I called in today with a card of condolences to the family and Staff and a plant as a sign of remembrance. As I say this is the worst news I have heard in sometime, and I needed to share it with the community and the world.  Thank You.   


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    So sorry to read your story, it’s at times like this we have to wonder what was and has been going on, happening in that’s persons life. The caring nature of the doctor was the person you all new and loved but deep down  out of view the doctor was suffering inside of what we you may never know of or find out. Money, work, stress home life can and does play a big part in a person making that decision. Prayers to you all family and friends.
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    Hi @Gordonmrln
    I am so sorry for the passing of your wife and GP. He sounds like an extraordinary man. GPs like yours are a seldom nowadays. Heartbreaking :( His family, friends and colleagues would be happy to know that you are honouring him 
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    Hi @Gordonmrln
    I'm very sorry to read this sad news about your G.P. I can appreciate the shock you and your community must be feeling right now. Remember you are among friends here and we're here should you need to talk further.
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    I have read that doctors have a high suicide rate. My father was a doctor, and the stress drove him into  alcoholism. He would b break down at times because of what he had seen his patients go through.

    I think they may get overwhelmed by the amount of responsibility they must carry, and any family or health issues of their own can make it unbearable.

    I am sorry for your loss.