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Public Appointments - Lord Holmes Review


I am attending a workshop tomorrow and have the opportunity to contribute to the Holmes Review on "why the proportion of applicants for public appointments who declare a disability is low compared to the UK population as a whole". Contributions welcome. Thanks in advance.


  • Chloe_Scope
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    Hi @Railtickethome and welcome to the community! How did the workshop go?

  • Railtickethome
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    I thought it went very well. I was encouraged by the positivity in the room to make things better. There is an opportunity for all to contribute via the website or Twitter. Make your voice count. The person who is leading it is disabled and sure he will try to make things happen although that will ultimately be for the government.
  • madcat1966
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    Hi Railtickethome, I have been disabled sine 16 after a hit and run. From 34 I was put on DLA (before I did not accept I was disabled, even though I am?!) for life. However due to the economic downfall in 2008, my husband found a job in Switzerland, so our family moved to Zurich in 2010. I knew I couldn’t claim it anymore because Switzerland is NOT a part of the EU?!?!!!!!?? So I stopped claiming. I am a British citizen, born in Chester, however after returning home, I was not allowed to claim PIP until I had lived in the UK FOR 2 YEARS??!?!? Unbelievable, the two years is up on 1st October, and after all the stories I’ve heard about assessment, I am so nerves.  I have a consultant in the Chronic Pain Clinic, my spine is basically crumbling!! I’ve had lumbar and cervical surgeries, due to have another op on neck soon. I am on loads of meds including Zomorph and Gabapentin.....can get loads of evidence..... will I be ok?!? Xx
  • Railtickethome
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    Thanks for your comment although it is not on the subject of my post nor am I ‘qualified’ to provide advice on the subject you have raised. Best Wishes.