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I need some advice about returning to work

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I need some advice about returning to work , I have been off a number of weeks. I did return and I was expecting a back to work meeting and a refferal to Ovcupationsl health the day I returned however this did not happen even though it’s in the policy . I am a social worker and I work for the local authority . I have two degenerative disc . I am unable to carry equipment , which we have to do as I am classesed as remote worker. I was seen by axcess to work and was given a chair which is based in another location from the patch I work in. I have been Seen  by axcess to work more recently and I was told that I need a fixed desk and one that will be able to adjust the height on it so I can stand if needed. I was told by the manager that this will not be implemented, I was also told by axcess to work that I need a back support cushion to take on visits, this was not implemented. Any way due to issues at work when I returned , I was off again probably having to carry a lap top around from sites. Please can I have advice on moving forward . 

Kind regards
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    Hi Tracyannmay and welcome , someone who know about this will come and help you soon , may I point out I would not put your phone no on here for everyone to see xxxx
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    Hi @Tracyannmay welcome to the community!

    I am sorry you in a difficult situation, have you checked out the information in our reasonable adjustments in the workplace? If you need any further help then please do let us know! :)

    Also, for your own privacy and security please do not share your personal details such as contact number, thank you :)
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    Hello @Tracyannmay    Pleased to meet you Thank you for your post.  I had to flag your post up to the moderators because under the SCOPE rules no mobile numbers are allowed.

    Sorry about this.

    I am one of the team of community champions here to offer guidance and advice if I can.

    We have a lot of information about reasonable adjustments in the work place.  Hope that is useful.

    I advise also probably need to speak some one in our team about this.

    You can ring 0808 800 3333.  Calls are free.

    You have contacted Access to work. I do know they has be some legalities here of employment law.

    Have you spoken to CAB about your situation or Access to work.

    Reason why I would suggest contact our team.

    Hope that helps. 

    Pleasure to have met you.

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