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People with disabilities being treated as equal

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Hi, My name is Ali,

I am currently on the KickStart employment program with Scope and I must say the way employers discriminate "Disabled people" is actually morally wrong. I been applying for jobs and passing interviews but as soon as they find out about my disability they decide to take the job off me. obviously, by using an excuse such as "Not showing a can-do attitude" which is BS when they didn't ask me to do anything! so now, I am writing a Screen-play that touches this issue.

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    Hi @Maverick
    Im sorry to hear you are having a tough time with employment, but how interesting that you are writing a screen play!! Let us know how you get on!

    We have information here for job seekers that may be helpful to you.

    Some job sites have been designed to help disabled people find a job. Here is a small sample:

    • Evenbreak matches disabled job seekers with suitable employers.
    • Disability Jobsite helps disabled people to find work by offering ‘barrier-free’ e-recruitment.
    • Disabled Workers is a registered charity that supports disabled people looking for work. It lists the latest job opportunities and provides a space where you can showcase your skills online.
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    Hi there Sam,

    Thank you so much for the information you provided me with, yeah I thought a screenplay would actually be a good thing to make as I believe the situation should be acted out and shown on screen via entertaining people