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Been Awarded PIP, Is It worth applying for ESA as will mean Getting Universal Credit?

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I am currently a carer for two autistic sons, one of whom is an adult, one is 12 years old.  I get carers allowance, income support as a carer, child tax credit with a disability premium for my 12 year old.  I have recently been awarded Enhanced care and Enhanced Mobility PIP at Tribunal (until 2022 although I know reassessment can be a year earlier).  I had very little help going through the PIP claim process but somehow managed to explain things completely ignored at assessment (I know this is usual).  But I did go very foggy after half an hour at the tribunal.  I think I was very lucky with the judges.

So, been told it might be a good idea to claim for ESA.  I wouldn't look forward to it, but having gone through the PIP claim process, I guess I could manage the ESA process.  But my area, it would mean an automatic transfer to universal credit which sounds completely stressful as their systems don't work very well.  It sounds like something I would have problems using (not good at new things, what is obvious to others isn't to me). Also is it worth it given that Universal Credit doesn't include SDP etc?  

BUT as I am in receipt of Income support, I could be going over to Universal Credit soon anyway.  I have looked at the timetable and it doesn't mention my circumstances, only timetables (which now seem to have been thrown out the window anyway) for people on ESA.

I just don't know what is the best thing to do.  Apply for ESA, go onto Universal Credit now, or stay on Income support as a carer knowing I will go onto Universal Credit anyway at some point.


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    You can't apply for ESA as your area is a full UC area. Applying for UC will make you worse off finacially because you won't be able to claim the SDP or any other premiums on UC. This will mean you will be approx more than £200 per month worse off, possibly more.

    Claiming PIP doesn't automatically mean you're entitled to LCW part of UC and you'll have to go through the assessment process like everyone else and you won't be guaranteed the extra money for the LCWRA element.

    Those claiming legacy benefits won't be asked to transfer to UC until at least 2019 but most likely much later than that. When you are transferred across you'll be given a transitional payment protection that will mean you won't be any worse off.

    My advice...stay on Income Support and don't ever move to UC until you have to!

    Great news on the PIP Tribunal success too!
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    Thank you poppy. Again lolol. At least reading through the forum I can see IS claimants won't be called earlier than ESA claimants.

    The PIP award has made an amazing difference already!
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    No problem. No one knows any details on the managed migration process as yet so who knows when it will be and how it will go. Most likely a complete disaster just like everything DWP do lol.
    Have you claimed SDP yet? It will be backdated to the start of your PIP award providing you qualified at that time.
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    edited October 2018
    Yes I did apply for SDP, I also got more money for having a dependent child somehow so was more than expected. I am still in shock by how things have changed. 

    First thing I did was pay credit card off. 

    Still trying to figure out how to install shower in bathroom but will get there. 

    Had some help and paved the back yard with very cheap slabs I got on ebay.  A superhero collected them and laid them which was amazing.  Got to do them properly when the weather is warmer but already decreased the cleaning I have to do (I have dogs, back yard was a mud bath and I hated going out there cause was uneven and muddy whenever it rained or cracked and horrible when dry).

    Also purchased a disabled/companion Rail Card for £20  as I don't drive, so that will help a lot too. 

    But aware award is for 5 years, will probably be reassessed at 4 so once I have the shower paid for, will be putting money aside for time when its not available.  It was getting very very difficult to manage in the last year cause of increased expenses due to disability related challenges. Of course, I am lucky its for as long as five years.
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