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DWP procedures and UC

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Good morning everybody, why is it there are so many optical getting in the way all because I need some financial from the government I know they have to follow policies and procedures is so frustratint there are so many forms the filling  I've got my good partner he can help me  filling the form also I have you guys to support me I'm feeling verv blessed I have CP also arthritis I'm going through process I love having to give up my work I love so much and now I have to go down a different road on claiming universal credit and been off sick for 5 months when I going to the doctor I'm going to ask him to sign me off unfit for work can anybody give me any advice on this option unfortunately my body is telling me that you need to rest you can't do this job anymore I asked you end up in a wheelchair yourself needing a carer and I really don't want to be a carer that need from being a carer to be looked after male carer thank you so much for your support everybody especially poppy Amy and Ila the rest you guys


  • poppy123456
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    Hi, robinhood,

    I thought you already applied for UC or am i wrong? If you have already applied when did you apply and have you received your first payment yet?

    I know you were previously claiming housing benefit to help pay your rent? If you've applied for UC then this will stop 2 weeks after you apply for UC.

    Not sure where you are in your application but i'll gladly help you further once i know.

  • robinhood8
    robinhood8 Member Posts: 122 Courageous
    I'm going through the procedure of claiming iniversal credit.  I've had my first interview. now just sent back the capability for work questionnaire. there's are lots of forms to fill in but i have to wait for an interview for that now. and I will get paid any money until 22nd of November I am getting the daily standard living pip
  • poppy123456
    poppy123456 Member Posts: 29,567 Disability Gamechanger
    Are you sure you filled in the capability for work questionaire already? That seems rather quick to have been sent that as you haven't had your first UC payment yet. Usually a work coach requests that questionaire after about 10 weeks of claiming UC.


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