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Not sure if I will walk again but I need one electric wheelchair for this moment.

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Hi everyone,
Glad to be here.
My mom needs to go to work from next month, then I will be all by myself, so I need one wheelchair to allow me to do some basic things.

IF someone here knows where to buy one cheap one, please let me know.
My mom and I don't have too much money.

I also found one on elecycles and it is £1274 but it is from China, anyone bought this before?
How is the quality? 

Here is my basic information.
Weight: 120lbs
Height: 5'8"

Thanks for your opinions.


  • Ami2301
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    Hi @Lisahug_090 welcome to the community!

    Have you asked your GP to refer you to wheelchair services?
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  • Sam_Alumni
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    Hi @Lisahug_090
    Your GP can refer you to your local Wheelchair Service. It will assess your needs, taking into account your home environment and lifestyle as well as your abilities. 

    Each Wheelchair Service has its own criteria, but generally speaking will not supply a powered wheelchair to people who:
    • can walk (even if only a little)
    • can use a manual wheelchair independently
    • cannot use a powered wheelchair independently
    • would, for any reason, not use a powered wheelchair either in their home or outdoors (that is they will only supply a powered wheelchair for both indoors and outdoors).
    If the Wheelchair Service will not provide the equipment you want, it may offer you a voucher for the value of the equipment they specify. You can then top this voucher up with funds from another source to get the powered wheelchair you want.

    Wheelchairs provided by the NHS remain its property. This means the NHS is responsible for maintenance and repairs. If you have bought a wheelchair using a voucher, it belongs to you, so you will have to make your own arrangements.

    NHS Continuing Care or your local authority

    Some wheelchair users have had powered wheelchairs provided by NHS Continuing Care services or by their local authority (Social Services).


    You can use the Motability scheme if you get: 


    • Higher Rate Mobility Component of the Disability Living Allowance
    • Enhanced Rate Mobility Component of PIP
    • Armed Forces Independence Payment 
    • or the War Pensioners' Mobility Supplement
    You pay the mobility component of your benefit to Motability, which will lease you a powered wheelchair.  

    Access to Work

    If you are in work, or looking for work, and you need a powered wheelchair to access that, Access to Work may provide a grant to help pay for it. (Please note, only around 5% of users have had a powered wheelchair funded by Access to Work.)

    If you cannot get public funding for a powered wheelchair, you may have to pay for it yourself. 

    Charitable grants

    It’s worth checking our grants search for organisations that may fund wheelchairs. Each organisation has its own rules about:
    • what they fund
    • the size of individual grants
    • eligibility (including means testing)
    • the assessment and supply process 
    Some will let you tell them what you need and get it yourself. Others will ask you to go to a specific supplier for an assessment.
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  • Realitychick
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    Have you thought of hiring one, British red cross hire at a very low cost.
  • hollygirl
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    I was given my first through my local hospital,my doctor feferred me. They measured me so I had one specifically right for me,I have longish legs so it was brilliant. They even gave me a driving test around a set course. I know the Red Cross hire but it’s well worth asking to be referred by your doctor or hospital 
  • cmci
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    I was referred by my GP via Adult Social Care.  I bought a manual one to use indoors to keep upper body strength - not got much but want to keep it as little as it is.  If you need to wait think about whether renting is an option but make sure you get some driving experience - it's not as easy to manage as you think at first, safety first for you, others, shops, roads, road islands and pavements. I found Able Living and Millercare really helpful.
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    Welcome to the community, @hollygirl! Really interesting to hear about others' experiences!