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CP help

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Hi everyone!

I am a product design student at Leeds in my final year of uni and stumbled across this online community while conducting research for my final design project.

I am hoping to explore difficulties faced by children with CP and create a product based on my research.

I was wondering if there were any parents who wouldn't mind sparing some time to answer a few questions I have about the struggles that can occur raising a child with CP, as well as some about therepies used etc.

I would be so grateful for any help anyone can give,

Thanks very much!


  • Ami2301
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    Hi @_emily_ welcome to the community! I am sure some of our members will be happy to help you with your research, all the best with your project! :)
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  • forgoodnesssake
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    Can you give us an idea what sort of product you mean as it is a pretty broad spectrum!
  • _emily_
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    @forgoodnesssake at the moment I can't even say that I'm sure yet to be honest!

    I was hoping that by discussing a few of the difficulties people have faced I would be able to narrow something down.

    I had been reading a fair bit about sleeping issues - tightness, spasms etc - so potentially a product to help when children wake in the night because of that (or that might help prevent).

    Additionally maybe something in regards to play, if there were areas where children with CP struggled where more able bodied children perhaps wouldn't.

    Also when reading about different therapies I found that some children use horse riding as a fun/enjoyable physiotherapy which I found quite interesting so if anyone has tried that out at all I'd be interested to hear their thoughts.

    Basically I'm just interested in anything that might have been tricky or challenging, big or small for the parent or child, as well as what you did to overcome it.

    Sorry that I can't be more detailed than that at the moment but I hope that clears it a little!
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    Good to meet you and thanks for your post. As no two people with CP are the same it is difficult to find one size fits all solutions. As you say though muscle tightness and spasms are common.
    Once you have made a decision on your direction, It would be great to talk further.

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  • _emily_
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    Hi again,

    Having taken some time to conduct further research in order to narrow down the direction of my project as per your advice, I have decided to focus on children who require assistive devices to walk.

    It would be amazingly helpful if any of you who have ever been a parent/carer for a child who required a walking aid could fill out the survey I've linked at the bottom of this post, its not long and I would really appreciate it!

    If any of you would also be open to a more personal chat after taking it that would also be fabulous.

    Thanks so much in advance to anyone who can help out.